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150 kW Solid-State High Frequency Welder   Our stock number: 51955


Design Paramaters:

Nominated Power: 150kW
DC Power, Rated: Pd =180kW
DC Voltage, Rated: U dN=450V
DC Current, Rated: I dN=400A
Welder Efficiency: >= 85%
Output Power: Pout=150kW
Design Frequency: f=350-400kHz
MOSFET Inverter: 60kWx3

Power Supply Requirement:

Nominated Power: 150kW
DC Power, Rated: Pd =180kW
Inlet Power Factor: Cosine Angle >= 0-.9
Distribution Capacity: S >= 200kVA
Input Voltage: 440/60/3
Input Current: I=330A
Input Cable: 150mm2 Copper Cable, 3 Phase, 4 Lines

Water-to-Water Cooling System Design:

Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger
Operating Water Pressure Inner: 0.15-0.25Mpa
Flow of External Water Circulation: 12.5m3/h
Voltage, Rated: 440/60/3

Part List for Solid State HF Welder:

SCR: Water-Cooled - High Quality Chinese Brand
Diode: Water-Cooled - High Quality Chinese Brand
Filter Capacitor: Japan Hitachi
Fast Recovery Diode: Germany IXYS
Switch Power Supply: Taiwan

HF Solid State Welder Consists Of:

Switch Gear and Rectifier Cabinet
Inverter Output Cabinet
Connecting Fiber Optical Cables
Water-Water Cooling System
Control Cabinet

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