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8" x .313" VOEST ALPINE High Frequency Tube Mill, Left-to-Right   Our stock number: 51907

8 x .313 VOEST ALPINE High Frequency Tube Mill, Left-to-Right

AGE: 1986, Used For 2 Years


Line Direction: Left to Right

Tube Diameter, Max.: 8" (203mm)
Wall Thickness, Max.: .313" (7.93mm)
Speed, Max.: 260 FPM (80 MPM)
Shaft Diameter, Driven Stands: 4.3" (110mm)
Material Yield, Max.: 50,000 PSI


Entry Equipment:

3-Arm Turnstyle
25,000 Lb. Single Uncoiler With Hold Down,
Hydraulic Operation, 21" Wide
Shear Weld Station, Double Shear,
Hydraulic Operation, 25" Wide
25' Horizontal Accumulator
5-Roll Driven Flattener, 25" Wide

Forming Mill, Section 1:

(2) Entry Guide Units
(6) Driven Breakdown Stands With 27" Roll Space
4.3" (110mm) Driven Shaft Diameter

Forming Mill, Section 2:

(4) Driven Breakdown Stands With 21-1/2" Roll Space
(4) Driven Fin Passes With 16-1/2" Roll Space
(6) Idle Side Roll Units
4.3" (110mm) Driven Shaft Diameter

Welding Section:

No Welder
Seam Guide
4-Roll Weld Pressure Unit
Dual Scarfing Unit With Scarf Winder
Seam Ironer

Coolant Section:

Flood Type, 15'

Sizing Mill:

(4) Driven Sizing Stands With 16-1/2" Roll Space
(2) 4-Roll Turksheads
(3) Idle Side Roll Units
(1) Forster Eddy Current Testing Unit
(1) Measuring Wheel
4.3" (110mm) Driven Shaft Diameter

Drive Section:

(18) Gear Boxes With Universal Drive Shafts
(1) IEG 200 kW Forming DC Motor
With 2-Speed Shift Box
(1) IEG 100 kW Sizing DC Motor
With 2-Speed Shift Box

Flying Saw:

36" Diameter Blade With 20' Travel Hot Saw,
Rack and Pinion Operation
75 kW AC Saw Motor
45' Runout


All Driven Stands Have Single Point Adjustment
And Side Roll Clevises
Complex Drawings Available
Has Been in Storage For Many Years, It Was Used
For 2 Years and Is In Very Good Condition,
Electrics and Welder Need to be Replaced

Spare Parts:

Many Spare Parts Available


Many Sets of Rolls Included, Must Be Inventoried

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