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9" W x 8" H VIVER 3-Stage Parts Washer, Wash/Rinse/Blow-Off, 22.8 Lb Part Weight   Our stock number: 51649

9 W x 8 H VIVER 3-Stage Parts Washer, Wash/Rinse/Blow-Off, 22.8 Lb Part Weight

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9 W x 8 H VIVER 3-Stage Parts Washer, Wash/Rinse/Blow-Off, 22.8 Lb Part Weight9 W x 8 H VIVER 3-Stage Parts Washer, Wash/Rinse/Blow-Off, 22.8 Lb Part Weight9 W x 8 H VIVER 3-Stage Parts Washer, Wash/Rinse/Blow-Off, 22.8 Lb Part Weight

AGE: 2003


Max. Part Size: 9" W x 8" H
Max. Part Weight: 22.8 Lbs.
Dimensions of Treatment Chamber:
Entry Conveyor: 5200mm (204") Length
Safety Zone: 1000mm (39.3") Length
Wash Zone: 180mm (70.8") Length
Safety Zone/Mist Rinsing: 1600mm (62.9") Length
Rinse Zone: 120mm (47.2") Length
Safety Zone/Mist Rinsing: 1200mm (47.2") Length
Exit Conveyor: 3750mm (147.6") Length
Chain Conveyor:
Conveyor In: 1300mm High
Conveyor Out: 1000mm High
Conveyor Speed: 0.50 - 3 M/Min.
Tank Volume: Wash - 3000 Liter Approx. + 3,400 Liter

Approx. Dump Tank
Rinse - 3000 Liter Approx.
Washing Process:
1.) Wash 40 - 80 Deg. C: 1.0 Min.
Run-Off: 0.9 Min.
2.) Rinsing 20 - 60 Deg. C: 0.7 Min.
3.) Blow-Off: 0.7 Min

Treatment zones have inspection doors on the right side & left

side of the washing & rinsing zones that admits service on

risers, nozzles, conveyors, Etc.

BLOW OFF ZONE: Adjustable air knifes with air cones inclusive

fan for blow-Off of water.

STRAINER BASKETS: The intermediary bottom of the treatment

chamber leads the liquid to strainer baskets. Chips & larger

particles are filtered. The basket is easily removed thru the

inspection door of the tank for cleaning. Material in strainer

basket is stainless steel, mesh size 650 Micron

TANKS: Under the treatment room there are insulated tanks with

muffs for connecting water & drainage. Tanks are placed in

floor level & inside is made from 2mm stainless steel, SS2333.

outside of tank has a protective sheet metal cover. Inclined

floor makes the machine easy to empty & clean. The tank has a

protruding part that is equipped with large inspection hatch on

the top side of each tank.

HEATING: Heating is controlled by a temperature regulator. It is

also connected to a week timer set to give heating only during

the daytime. If heating is needed on other hours, the control

selector switch is turned to "Hand" position. Heating of liquid

by PLC controlled immersion heaters. Temperature & times are

adjustable by the control panel. (2) of the immersion heaters

are spare ones placed in wash stage & rinse stage. They are NOT

electrically connected. Heating is automatically switched on &

off by the PLC if the handle on the electrical cabinet is in

"Auto" mode. The current sensing device measures & gives an

alarm on the control panel if element is out of function & also

indicates which element it concerns, which makes it easy to

switch over to one of the spare elements. For measuring &

regulation of liquid temperature in the tanks there are

thermometers on the control panel.

1.) At chain conveyor loading zone details are continuously

loaded by a robot.
2.) Washing machine can be started manually or

automatically by signal exchange from robot & will

work the whole time
3.) When details are washed & dried comes out of the

machine & is manually unloaded
4.) The chain conveyor stops by signal from photo-electric

cell when the unloading conveyor is full w/details
5.) Washing machine stops after certain time if there are

no details coming

EQUIPPED WITH: Oil Separator - Automatic Oil Separator Type

Alfie200, in Washing & Rinsing Stage
Bag Filter - Filter Type 21-06, Mounted on

Pressure Pipe of the Pump
Heat Recovery Unit - Type PRY-03
Deep Band Filter - Fully Automatic Band Filter

Type VVBF-250, Including Tank & Pump
Control System - Working Cycle is Controlled by

SIEMENS PLC Type Simatic S7 300, Control Panel

Type OP7
Electrical Cabinet

Motor Data: (2) 7.5 kW Wash Pump Motor - 150 kW + 15 kW Spare

Connection Power
(1) 7.5 kW Rinse Pump Motor - 75 kW + 15 kW Spare

Connection Power
Total Connection Power: 260 kW
Voltage: 480/3/60
Heat Recovery Unit - 4 kW Fan for Supply Air
2.2 kW Fan for Exhaust Air

Overall Dimensions: 51.6' L x 118" Wide x 122" High

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